Trump says the US needs a ‘fair playing field’ against China’s weaker currency as yuan hits lows of the year

President Donald Trump said China has given itself a “colossal aggressive” advantage by debilitating its money, and the playing field should be leveled.

Trump, during a phone meet with CNBC’s “Screech Box, ” said the capacity of Chinese President Xi Jinping to legitimately affect financial arrangement is an out of line advantage. Trump made the remarks as the Chinese yuan exchanged close to its low of the year against the U.S. dollar.

“We ought to be qualified for have a reasonable playing field … since our Fed is extremely, problematic to us,” he said. “Indeed, even without a reasonable playing field, we’re winning in light of the fact that the taxes are putting us at a colossal upper hand.”

Trump said the U.S. chosen not to consider China a money controller, however he included there are some who state China has balanced its duties by giving the cash a chance to fall.

“Remember, the leader of the Fed in China is President Xi. He’s the leader of China. … He can do anything he desires. They cheapen, they release or you would simply say they siphon a great deal of cash into China, and it invalidates to a degree, not completely, it invalidates the levies,” Trump said.